Direct Registration System
The direct registration system is a method of recording registered share ownership in the U.S. by electronic means. It enables electronic registration on the books of an issuer's transfer agent or registrar, therefore eliminating the need for DR certificates as well as the cost and risk to investors of safeguarding their securities. DR owners enrolled in an issuer's direct purchase plans also benefit from electronic book-entry holding.
Payout Ratio
Indicated annual dividends per share paid to common stockholders divided by earnings per share for the last fiscal year.
PEG Ratio
The forward PE divided by the 5-year projected earnings per share growth rate.
The number of underlying shares represented by one Depositary Receipt. The ratio is typically depicted as, for example, 1:3, or one DR representing three underlying shares. In cases where the home share price is very high, for example, a 3:1 ratio would indicate three DRs representing one underlying share.