Accumulation/Distribution Line
Displays the flow of volume into or out of a security.
The purchase by one company of another, for cash, an exchange of shares, or a combination of both. Depositary Receipts can be used as currency in an acquisition.
Actual EPS
The actual earnings per share for the fiscal period indicated.
A depositary receipt (DR) is a physical, negotiable certificate that represents ownership of shares in an overseas company that is held in custody in the issuer's home market. The structure of a depositary receipt includes a ratio, which correlates the amount of underlying shares to the receipt, a well as other general terms and conditions applicable to holders. A depositary receipt can be cancelled for its underlying shares at any time. An American Depositary Receipt ("ADR") references DRs that are available in the U.S. The terms ADR and ADS (or DR and DS) are often used interchangeably.
A depositary share (DS) is the instrument that is actually traded. It represents the underlying share, which trades in the issuer's home market. Although the terms DR and DS are often used interchangeable, the difference is that a DR is the certificate while the DS is the share. An American Depositary Share ("ADS") references DS that are available in the U.S., which trade, clear and settle in U.S. dollars.
Aggregate (Aggr.)
Institutional position derived from cumulative mutual fund holdings. An Aggregate position may represent only a portion of total shares held.
Aggres. Gr.
Aggressive growth investors employ an extreme version of the growth style. Their aggressiveness may be defined primarily by holding stocks in companies that are growing extremely quickly, are in an early stage of their life cycle, and/or have minimal or no current earnings. To have this dominant style, the following portions of the portfolio must be above the weighted average of the S&P 500:

60 percent or more for price-to-earnings ratio and a price-to-book ratio
25 percent or less for dividend yield, and
70 percent or more for five-year estimated EPS growth
Aggressive Growth Stocks
These securities are either growing extremely quickly, are in a nearly stage of their life cycle, and/or have minimal or no current earnings. To be classified an Aggressive Growth stock the company will have the following fundamentals:

Forward PE greater than S&P 500 Average
5-Year Estimated EPS Growth greater than 20%
PEG (Forward PE/5-Year Est. Growth) greater than S&P 500 Average
Price/Sales greater than 5.0 if neither of the above exist
American Depositary Receipt
See ADR or DR.
American Depositary Share
See ADS or DS.
American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
A principal U.S. listed market. See Auction Market.
Annual General Meeting (AGM)
A meeting held after financial year-end, where the company’s shareholders are invited to vote acceptance of the company's annual report, balance sheet and final dividend. Companies often use the meeting to tell shareholders about corporate business prospects in the early months of the new financial year.
Annual report
A status report providing information about the current condition of a company. The annual report is typically issued once a year for shareholders to examine before the annual general meeting.
Auction Market
Stock exchanges, like the New York Stock Exchange and the American Stock Exchange, are auction markets where buyers and sellers meet through a specialist. NASDAQ is a dealer market where competing market makers, acting as principals, offer to buy and sell stock. See NYSE or AMEX.
AutEx is a voluntary electronic real-time network for market participants to report their trade order indications and executions between global brokers, institutions, exchanges, ECNs (Electronic Communications Network), and ATSs (Alternative Trading System).

AutEx data highlights large block trades between brokers who have advertised their intent to transact in specific DRs or ordinary securities of an issuer. The information provides an issuer with an indication of the interest level of their securities among institutional brokers and investors.

AutEx® is a registered trademark of Thomson Financial.
Average Daily Volume
Average daily shares traded over the last twelve months
Average Estimate
The arithmetic average (mean) of estimates for the fiscal period indicated.