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CUSIP 656531605 --Ratio (DR:ORD)1 : 1
SEDOL 2642819 B11HK39DepositaryJPM
ISIN US6565316055 NO0005052605CustodianNordea Bank Norway
Currency* USD NOK  
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04/30/14Q1 2014 Earnings Release
04/30/14Q1 2014 Earnings Call - Oslo
04/30/14Q1 2014 Earnings Call - Q&A
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Earnings per Share (MRFY)-0.0762
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Consensus RecommendationHold
Dividend Yield (%)2.45821
Return on Equity (%)-1.60881
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Company Description
Norsk Hydro ASA manufactures aluminum products and produces renewable energy. It operates through six segments: Bauxite and Alumina, Primary Metal, Metal Markets, Rolled Products, Extruded Products and Energy. The Bauxite and Alumina segment include bauxite mining activities, production of alumina and related commercial activities. The Primary Metal segment focuses on the production, remelting and casting activities of aluminum and it products include extrusion ingots, foundry alloys and sheet ingot. The Metal Markets segment include sales and distribution activities that relating to products from its primary metal plants and operational responsibility, which are located in European markets and the United States. It also includes metal sourcing and trading activities, which secures a competitive supply of standard aluminum ingots for global production system and provides operational risk management through LME hedging activities. The Rolled Products segment consists of rolling mills, aluminum foil, strip, sheet, and lithographic plate for application in such sectors as packaging, automotive and transport industries, which are located in Europe. The Extruded Products segment consists of extrusion based business that are located in Europe and the Americas, which is focused on delivering solutions to the building and construction, transportation and engineered products industries. It products include aluminum building systems and precision tubing activities. The Energy segment is responsible for managing Hydro's captive hydropower production, external power sourcing arrangements to the aluminum business and identifying and developing competitive energy solutions for Hydro worldwide. The company was founded by Kristian Birkeland, Sam Eyde and Marcus Wallenberg on December 2, 1905 and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.
Data source: FactSet
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