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Dividend Details for July 2013

DR Record DateForeign Payment DateDR Payment DateRate per DR
Jul 02, 2013Jul 03, 2013Jul 11, 20130.155340
Foreign Record DateJul 02, 2013
DR Record DateJul 02, 2013
Foreign Payment DateJul 03, 2013
DR Payment DateJul 11, 2013
Rate per DR (USD)0.155340
Foreign Currency per DR (EUR)0.120000
Foreign Exchange DateJul 03, 2013
Final Foreign Exchange Rate*1.294500
* inclusive of Fees and Expenses of 0.002500
Ratio (DR:ORD)1 : 4
Witholding Amount0.032621
Depositary Service Charge0.000000
Dividend Fee0.000000
Final Dividend Rate per DR0.122718
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Investor Disclosure

J.P. Morgan collects fees from holders of depositary receipts. JPMorgan may (i) reimburse the issuer for certain expenses incurred by the issuer in connection with the depositary receipts program or (ii) share with the issuer revenue derived by JPMorgan from the program. JPMorgan may use brokers, dealers or other service providers that are affiliates or other divisions of JPMorgan and may earn or share fees and commissions.

From time to time, J.P. Morgan may pay a rebate to brokers in connection with the deposit of shares for the issuance of unsponsored depositary receipts. J.P. Morgan disclaims all liability arising out of, or relating to, such rebates. In particular, J.P. Morgan disclaims all responsibility regarding whether such broker passes all or a portion of such rebate to beneficial holders of such depositary receipts.

Funds provided to J.P. Morgan in a foreign currency may be converted to U.S. dollars through a foreign exchange transaction with J. P. Morgan or an affiliate. The foreign exchange rate applied to the local currency received includes (i) any gain or loss incurred by J. P. Morgan on the transaction and (ii) a fee of up to 20 basis points.

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